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The Haunts

The Haunts
Stories of vulgar culture

“The haunts: stories of vulgar culture” is a TV documentary series which deals with popular Athenian haunts of the last century. The duration of each episode is 50 minutes and it is broadcasted by ERT.

Haunts: Shops and other places where operations related to trading with «bargain» and “exchange” are taking place. The spaces we call “Haunts” is not only mass event centers within the framework of the established eras, but also “carriers” of the city’s unwritten history through the continuity of time.

The subject of this documentary series is the city’s stories into the integral space and time of banquet venues. Noting the fragmented stories of the city, we compose the “big picture” as a modern mosaic, through on-site observation which implicates the viewer in direct, daily and meaningful relationship with the places and people watching.

Through substantial references to cinema, literature, visual arts, architecture and music – intertwined our vulgar culture, “The Haunts” constitute a recording of the urban landscape memory and the imaginary inventory that exceeds the documentation and reaches the sublime art of everyday life.